Management Team



Dror Ozeri

CEO and investment manager.

Dror has more than 20 years of experience in financial management.  Mr. Ozeri is one of the founders of Bioassociate, a consulting, research and analysis firm in the life science sector.  At Bioassociate, Mr. Ozeri served as the portfolio investment manager with an average performance of 20% yield per quarter since 2013.  Mr. Ozeri holds a Bachelor degree (Cum Laude) in Accounting and Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Bachelor of Law degree (LL.B.) from Tel-Aviv University. Mr. Ozeri is a certified CPA & an Attorney at Law.


Dr. Ariel Kamsler (Phd.)

Ariel serves as a drug development consultant and a Biotech equity analyst.

He has 15 years of Academic research experience from Tel Aviv University, Weizmann Institute and MIT.  Dr. Kamsler also has extensive pharmaceutical Industry experience as Formulation manager, Innovative project manager, scientific advisor to BD team (Teva, CTS) and as an independent drug development consultant to startups.

Dr. Kamsler’s PhD from the department of Neurobiology in Weizmann is in the field of learning and memory and Alzheimer’s disease, work he focused on also as a post doctorate fellow at MIT. Since joining the pharmaceutical industry, he has worked as a researcher and proceeded to hold mid management positions.  Most recently he has worked as a consultant for drug development projects.  Dr. Kamsler’s intimate knowledge of the drug development process and his in depth understanding of biological processes, allow him to gain a fast and accurate understanding of life science companies .