• Entrepreneurs and startups
    • Drug development consulting
      • Getting you on the right track – Strategic planning


Whether you are an Academic researcher or an independent Entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea, we can help you plan your next steps to bringing an innovation to the market.

Drug development projects require many years and many funds. Having a clear plan for an early stage idea can save years and money down the line and can be the difference between a success and a failure.

With recent changes in the attitudes of regulatory bodies such as the FDA and the EMEA the path for drug developers has become more clear and a 'road map' can be charted for each project with clear and definable milestones.

Our combined experience can help you find the map and plan your course to a life changing product.

  • Keeping you on the right track – Project management services


Knowing the scientific and regulatory milestones ahead does not guarantee successful completion of the necessary steps.

We bring our experience in drug development to assist in locating and managing the daily activities of finding appropriate contract research organizations (CROs) and manufacturing organizations (CMOs). We have a vast knowledge of relevant vendors and we use our personal contacts and relationships to ensure timely quality work within budget.



  • Market research
    • Defining the unmet need and the business opportunity

Having a scientifically proven idea does not guarantee market success. We will help you locate the unmet need for your solution and will define this information as data that could be presented to potential investors.

The healthcare landscape is constantly changing with new drug and medical devices being introduced. The aging of Western society is also affecting the needs of future markets and patients.

Our familiarity with the drug industry as a whole puts us in a unique position to be able to help you in finding your target audience and the best way to plan your development route.



  • Strategic consulting
    • Strategic planning - How to build your company and find investors


Many entrepreneurs are experts in their fields and have spent many years refining their ideas. Bringing those ideas to the 'real world' requires a knowledge of the way companies are built and the advantages of building them in specific ways. This could include registration of the company, allocating shares, maintaining employees, protecting business and intellectual property.

Our knowledge of local and international laws and regulations and how they are implemented in new life science companies trying to attract investors can help you avoid mistakes early in the process that will bring regret in the future.


  • Financial maintenance – CFO services

Reaching your development milestones with the budget you have is the challenge that occupies the time of many CEOs. It is essential to accurately calculate your 'burn rate' and your occasional expenses and still leave enough funds available for unforeseen events. These activities must be done while complying with laws and regulations as well as commitments to investors.

Our team has the relevant experience and knowledge to keep you on track so that you can meet your goals.