• Investors and Funds
    • Equity analysis
      • Small Privately owned Startups
        • Due Diligence


When investing in a new Biotech or Pharma company it is important to become familiarized with every aspect of the team behind it and the product they plan to develop. The experience of the team in similar projects is crucial since mistakes made early in the life of the product could potentially have an effect later on. Examples of these could be in the realm of intellectual property, market research or even basic toxicological characteristics of the developed compound.

We bring our well rounded approach and familiarity with the Pharma industry as well as our technical understanding of both science and finance to work for you in preparing a report that will enable you to truthfully evaluate the investment opportunity.


  • Representation


During the course of investing in a Biotech startup it may become necessary for investors to place a representative on the board of the company or simply to meet more frequently with the technical team in order to evaluate progress and prepare for the next steps.

Our expertise can be used to provide this representation and for asking the hard questions that minimize surprises at later stages.


  • Publicly traded Biotech and Pharma
    • Portfolio analysis services

Here at SLC we have compiled a database consisting of several hundred publicly traded Biotech and Pharma companies. We conduct independent equity research and use this research to guide investments in these companies.


  • Locating investment opportunities


Our research focuses on mid-cap Biotech companies ($200m-$20Bn) that have near term catalysts with the potential to drive aromatic changes in value. We review these companies thoroughly and prepare investment plans to maximize a return using this knowledge.